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Welcome to Vertical Gardening Supply! Since you have found our website, you have shown an interest in the world of the vertical garden. Many people know vertical gardening as container gardening but it is done in a space saving vertical pattern. Our goal is to educate you on how you can grow your own vegetables and flowers in a minimum amount of space.

Many people grow vegetables for their families in their backyards. But what if you have a small backyard or no backyard at all? A vertical container garden provides an efficient way of having fresh vegetables, herbs or flowers for people who live in urban areas, rent apartments, buy condominiums, live in gated communities, high-rise buildings, the backyard gardener with limited space or just about anywhere you wish.

Now you can you can have your own fresh chemical free vegetables, herbs or flowers even if you only have a deck, balcony or patio. Just grow them vertically!

It seems that every month, the news has reports of people getting sick from mass-produced foods including vegetables! The advantage to growing your own food is YOU are in control of the quality of vegetables you and your family eats. Organic vegetables are very expensive to purchase. Think of the money you can save by growing your own fresh vegetables and herbs in containers vertically.

Fresh, healthy, inexpensive produce for your family from your own garden!!

Vertical Gardening Design Ideas:

These products are designed for BOTH indoor gardening and use outdoors!

Best of all our vertical gardening products are easy to assemble, mobile and fits through an average doorway so there's no need to disassemble them to take them inside!!!

So you can bring your garden in during the winter where you have sunlight and a warm environment, and then back to the outdoors during the summer months.

We have designed many simple but effective and low-cost vertical growing products that use a minimum of space. Vertical container garden plots have many advantages. They are small and easy to manage,more disease and pest resistant and there are very few weeds.

Our durable/versatile vertical gardening products provide you with the opportunity to design your owner container gardening system that meets your personal needs and taste.

Growing your own fresh vegetables and herbs have many health benefits. Gardening can be a very relaxing and enjoyable hobby with positive rewards.

Need some extra privacy but don't want to look at a wall made of lumber? Our vertical gardening panels make a PERFECT back drop for a living wall!!

Senior citizen centers have told us these products are great for people who wish to continue the hobby of gardening, but do not have the space for a traditional garden.

Enjoy a wall of flowers, fresh vegetables and more whenever you wish as you are growing your own!

View Vertical Gardening Design Ideas here

Vertical Container Garden 

Our vertical gardening system makes it possible to container garden more effectively giving you a smaller area to grow more vegetables. No longer will you have flower pots lined-up on the handrail of your balcony or the floor cluttered with pots and flower boxes to trip over.

Our vertical gardening panels are easily mounted to a porch, patio or a small area in your yard!!

With your choice of 6" or 8" flower pot rings or 8" flower box brackets, you can enough fresh vegetables to keep your grocery bills down and to keep your family's nutrition up.

Learn more about how to grow a vertical garden.

Container gardens require more frequent watering than soil gardens. The containers used in our vertical garden are self-watering container which has a reservoir and a wicking system to make that water available to plants on demand. In the hot summer, mature plants will empty that reservoir fast, so you may have to fill it daily.

For cold-climate gardeners the soil in the container warms up quickly in the spring, providing heat-loving to grow more rapidly than those that are planted in the ground.

To learn more about how to grow a vertical garden: Click Here

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